How To #WFH Effectively

How To #WFH Effectively
How To #WFH Effectively
Millions of us will now be working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This may be a shock to the system to many of you so we have put together a list of our top tips on how to work from home!
Getting into the habit of working from home is not easy, we need to adjust to a new environment with lots of new distractions. So if you have been told to #WFH, what are the best ways to keep morale and productivity high?
It is very easy to treat working from home as a day off so it important to structure your day to ensure your 9am starts do not turn into 11.30am lie-ins! Wake up at the same time as if it was a normal work day as this will help keep your body clock in check. It's then important to ensure you have created a to-do list on a notepad the night before so you are ready to attack the day and have a clear vision of what you need to achieve. This will also help stop any temptation to procrastinate or flick through Netflix for the latest TV series. It's also vital that you take regular breaks and to finish work at the same time you would do on a normal work day.
It is tempting to stay in your warm, cosy bed and open your laptop, but we all know that will lead to endless hours of scrolling through Instagram. It's important to find a work space that is quiet and out of everyones way. There is nothing more distracting than a room full of people who are going about their own day. You need your own zen to stay concentrated. Make sure the room you choose has sufficient natural day light. This will also benefit your physical and mental health. If you are a student, you will understand how hard it is to stay focused in a room that feels like a dungeon! 
Your boss will tell you that Netflix is for after working hours bingeing, and we would have to agree with him. As tempting as it may be, it's important to stay away from the TV! It's almost impossible to focus on work while your favourite TV programme is playing in the background. Swap your crave for a TV series to a radio station. We recommend Kiss Fm or Kisstory. We love some throwback tunes to get us through the day!
When you work from home it is easy to pick up the laptop in the evening and continue working but it's important to stick to your work hours to ensure you are not burning out! Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time so you can wake up at your usual time the next morning. Working from home shouldn't also mean that you need to stay in the house all day. Make sure you plan a form of daily exercise to keep you active and to replace your morning commute to work!
It can be easy to stay in pyjamas all day but it's important to get dressed as you would do for a normal work day. This will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead and improve your state of mind. This is also important if you are required to video call with your boss - he won't want to see your new PJs!